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Caruso's Coffee is proud to work with Vocational Guidance Services (VGS) located on East 55th in Cleveland. VGS is a 125 year old not-for-profit organization that employs hard to employ adults. These can be people with Physical or Mental challenges, veterans with physical or mental challenges, and people with criminal records that may have trouble finding gainful employment.

Caruso's Coffee initially contracted with Vocational Guidance Services to pack single-serve cups into the retail containers for us. They now also do additional work on bagged coffees, especially when clients require extra labeling and assorted cases. In 2019, they nominated Caruso's Coffee for this national recognition and we are honored to share that we were awarded the Proclamation (see attached). The Source America group, of which VGS is a part, does a lot of work with government agencies throughout the United States. They connect not-for-profits like Vocational Guidance Services, with government entities in need of services they want to outsource. It could be janitorial services, uniforms, grounds keeping, you name it.

It was with great honor and humility Dominic Caruso accepted this award on behalf of the Caruso's Coffee family at the SourceAmerica National Training and Achievement conference.



On behalf of the members of the Senate of the 133rd General Assembly of Ohio, we are pleased to congratulate Caruso's Coffee on receiving the Business Partnership Award at the SourceAmerica National Training and Achievement conference.

This prestigious honor is a fitting tribute to Caruso's Coffee, for its employees have consistently demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and a commitment to providing work opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the Greater Cleveland area. Established in 1982, this organic and kosher certified roasting facility has not only become the largest coffee roaster in Ohio but has also been an inspirational advocate for the advancement and quality of life of people with disabilities. Due to the exemplary effort and expertise its staff has exhibited, the endeavor has achieved a tremendous record of service to the community. The accomplishments of Caruso's Coffee are a justifiable source of pride and an outstanding reflection not only on the business itself but also on its astute management, on its hard-working employees, and on Northeast Ohio. Without question, this company has enhanced the quality of life for countless people with disabilities, and we are certain that as it maintains its unparalleled dedication to excellence, it will continue to grow and prosper.

Thus, with great pleasure, we commend Caruso's Coffee on its Business Partnership Award and salute all those who have contributed to its success over the years.


Senator Larry Obhof, President of the Ohio Senate, and Senator Matthew Dolan, 24th Senatorial District

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