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The health and safety of its customers has always been a top priority for Caruso’s Coffee. Several years ago the company realized an opportunity to put this commitment to the test and measure itself against some of the most stringent standards in the food manufacturing industry. The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a third-party certification program designed to confirm a company’s commitment to best practices in food manufacturing.

The SQF program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative and requires manufacturers to analyze all aspects of production and take steps to eliminate health risks from pathogens, allergens, contamination or any other source in order to ensure a safe finished product. It goes beyond the requirements of the FDA and asks for analytical assessment of food safety needs. For Caruso’s Coffee that meant more careful documentation, increased training for employees and a number of physical upgrades to the building and machinery.

In 2013 Caruso’s Coffee passed a rigorous three-day audit process and received their first SQF Certification. The process resulted in increased consistency, better productivity and, most importantly, peace of mind for both Caruso’s Coffee and its customers that the coffees and teas produced by Caruso’s Coffee are safe.

Caruso’s Coffee has maintained its SQF Certification through annual audits and constantly changing production requirements. Upgrades are continually being made, including a sophisticated inventory system that will allow for paperless tracking of coffee lots from supplier to customer. As the company continues to grow, the foundation of food safety guided by the principles of the SQF Program will grow and change with it, ensuring that the health and safety of the consumers is always the most important goal.

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