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Looking for a way to stay up until midnight? Coffee is everyone’s best friend. Owner of Caruso’s Coffee, Dominic Caruso is here to help you stay awake! He shares 3 different coffee cocktail recipes perfect for any party. The first is a shot of Caruso’s cold brew coffee with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. That will really wake you up! Then a mix of chocolate, cold brew, almond milk and Maker’s Mark that will always do the trick. Lastly, a drink to rejuvenate you the day after and help with that hang over. A mix of extra strong and hot coffee, ginger, cinnamon and a little chocolate to help settle your stomach and make you feel brand new!

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If you ever need a good pick-me-up, Caruso’s Coffee Cocktails are the answer!

Author: LIVE On Lakeside
Published: 3:13 PM EST January 2, 2019
Updated: 3:13 PM EST January 2, 2019

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