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Caruso's Coffee owner Dominic Caruso joined WKYC's midday programming segment "In the Kitchen" with on-air personalities Holly Giangrecco and Michael Cardamone. 

Caruso’s Coffee is a family owned company that started in 2003 and has grown to be one of the largest coffee roasters in the Midwest. In this clip, Dominic shares with the "Live on Lakeside" team a little history, updates on Caruso's local charitable contributions, a taste of the latest Cold Brew craze, and information on Caruso's newest coffee partnerships and brands -- including "North Coast Coffee Co" (launching this summer at Heinen's stores) and  “Erie Island Coffee Co.”  

View the segment on WKYC.com at http://www.wkyc.com/entertainment/television/lakeside-live/dominic-caruso-carusos-coffee-31517/422827400

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