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caruso's single serve coffee

Packaging Capabilities

Packaging capabilities include:

  • Single Serve solid white cup with foil lid Keurig 2.0 compatible packaging
  • 8-oz., 10-oz., 12-oz., 16-oz. retail size valve bags
  • 22 to 32-oz. retail and vending larger format valve bags
  • 5-lbs. Bulk Valve bags
  • 2-oz. mini-brick trial size
  • 1 to 4-oz. fractional pack coffee (also great for retail trial size)
  • 4 to 16-oz. Urn pack fractional coffee
  • Espresso Pods single and double, regular and decaffeinated

All valve bag items are available whole bean or ground

Branded packaging can be bought and inventoried by Caruso’s if certain annual volume requirements are met. This is decided on a customer by customer basis.

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