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Restaurant and Coffee Shop Applications

Caruso's Coffee offers two options regarding drip coffee brewing and grinding equipment. Since everyone's service requirements are different we do not have a pre-determined equipment set up. We loan equipment based on volume and give you a set up that will allow you to maximize freshness, cut down on waste, and fit with your service requirements.

Option 1. Loaned Equipment:
Caruso's Coffee will place on loan brewing equipment for drip coffee and/or iced tea service for customers purchasing 100% of these products from Caruso's. The type of equipment and amount of equipment placed on loan is negotiated on a customer by customer basis and is determined by service and volume requirements. Everyone receiving loaned brewing equipment is given a 10-week grace period. If after 10 weeks your volume does not match the amount of equipment on loan, we will either scale back the equipment based on actual volume or give you the option of purchasing the equipment.

Basic Volume Parameters:

  • less than 500 pounds per year= No loaned brewing equipment.
  • 501-1,000 pounds per year= 1 brewer with carafe and/or airpots.
  • 1,001-3,000 pounds per year= 1-2 brewer(s) with carafe and/or airpots.
  • 3,001-5,000 pounds per year= 1-2 brewer(s) with carafe and/or airpots and/or 1.5 gallon servers.

Airpots/Thermal Carafes/Thermal Servers:
Caruso's will loan customers an agreed upon initial set of airpots, servers, etc. Replacement airpots or servers must be purchased.

Option 2. Purchased Equipment:
Caruso's Coffee will sell your store new Bunn equipment at 10 unit distributor cost. This represents a 20% saving to you. In addition we provide 20-lbs of your house coffee free of charge for every $500.00 you spend on equipment. The retail sale of this coffee allows you to recoup the initial cost of the equipment in a matter of days.

20 pounds @ 30 servings per pound = approximately $750 in sales. (Based on 1.20 per 12-oz.)

Less cost of cups and lids estimated at $100.00 (.17 cents for cup+lid) = $650 in net profit. With this option there is no loan agreement to sign and you gain the benefit of writing off the depreciation of the equipment on your taxes. In addition you now have an asset to include in any future sale of your business.

With both options you receive free service on the equipment as long as you are purchasing 100% of your coffee and/or iced tea from Caruso's Coffee. With both options you receive one installation visit free of charge. If water lines and/or electrical are not in place, requiring a second installation visit, you will be charged $200 for this second visit.

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