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Grocery and Retail Application

Along with the equipment programs offered for brewed drip coffee; Caruso's Coffee also offers a complete retail display program for branded and private label retail opportunities. This equipment is available on loan or for purchase. The amount of loaned equipment is determined at Caruso's discretion based on average weekly volume. As with brewing equipment; purchased displays qualify for free product to assist the retailer in quickly recouping the cost of their investment in the equipment.

Retail Equipment Available:

  • Grinders
  • Gravity Feed Bins (acrylic injection molded bins)
  • Spring loaded pusher trays for 12-oz. valve bags (available in a variety of depths and widths).
  • Caruso's branded pre-fabricated bin and bag display (Standard Size 4 feet across).
  • Custom sized pre-fabricate bin and bag display (Lead time and sizes vary).
  • Metro Racking with shelf liners

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