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Caruso’s Coffee, Inc.

Caruso’s Coffee, Inc.

Caruso’s Coffee has been roasting and blending specialty coffees in Northeast Ohio for more than 30 years, and our staff is happy to provide whatever knowledge, experience, or assistance we can to help you with your business’ wholesale coffee needs. We strive daily to ensure our customers receive the knowledge, training, and quality products necessary to succeed profitably in the competitive and growing world of specialty coffee.

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Caruso's Fair Trade and Organic Bulk Coffee

Fair Trade and Organic Bulk Coffee

Fair Trade ensures that family farmers receive a fair price for their top-quality products. This allows millions of people around the world to stay on their land, put food on the table, and keep kids in school. Fair Trade farmers are also careful stewards of the environment. With Fair Trade Certified you know that what you're buying is naturally delicious and is grown with respect for the earth. Your taste buds - and the farmers - will thank you. Look for the Fair Trade Certified label.

Legitimate organic coffee has"field to fork" traceability. This means the roaster can track from the specific lot of green coffee to the finished product sold to the consumer the organic integrity of the product. Caruso's roasting facility is inspected at least once annually by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA), to ensure our coffees are roasted, packaged, and labeled in compliance with organic standards. Our organic coffees meet USDA organic standards as outlined by the National Organic Program (NOP). If you want to be certain the organic coffee you are purchasing is legitimate, ask to see a copy of your roasters certification papers.

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Caruso's Swiss Water and Bulk Coffee

Swiss Water and Organic Bulk Coffee

The 100% chemical free Swiss Water Process begins by soaking high quality green coffee beans in pure clean water to create what we call "flavor-charged water". This step occurs only once, and these original beans are then discarded. The flavor-charged water is then run through a carbon filter, which traps only the caffeine molecules in the carbon's pores.

Next the flavor-charged water, now decaffeinated, is circulated over the green coffee beans and the caffeine, not the flavor, naturally flows out of the beans - simple diffusion. Because the water is already saturated with flavor components, any possibly flavor crossover or removal that might occur is held to an absolute minimum. This is why the Swiss Water Process maintains coffee flavor and complexity so accurately, without adding foreign "process" flavors to the coffees.

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Caruso's Flavored Coffee

Flavored Coffee

We have over 70 different flavors to enchant your taste buds. From favorites like Hazelnut and French Vanilla to more obscure flavors such as Cheesecake and Strudel we have something for every palate.

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Caruso's Coffee Packets

Coffee Packets

Having a busy day and want to save time? Our coffee packets are premeasured and ready for whatever you are. We offer regular straight coffee packets, decaffeinated packets, and flavored packets. We also offer brick packs, and espresso pods.

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